Our goal is to ensure a positive and enriching program for you and your child. Together, we will collaborate to guide your child towards a successful and fulfilling learning journey. Each of our rooms showcases tailored programs that outline specific objectives and activities aimed at nurturing comprehensive developmental growth.

IGS Early Learners is committed to nurturing young minds and empowering them for a lifetime of learning. We understand the significance of these early years in shaping a child’s future and we take pride in providing an environment that supports comprehensive development.

Through our child-centred approach, dedicated Educators and research-supported curriculum, we invite you to join us in laying the foundation for your child’s successful journey of growth and discovery.

Nursery Program

Nurturing Early Bonds

In our Nursery Program, we recognise the significance of building secure attachments during a child’s earliest months. Our experienced Educators provide a safe and nurturing atmosphere where infants are encouraged to explore their surroundings, engage their senses and develop motor skills. Through gentle interactions, sensory play and established routines, we lay the foundation for positive relationships, early communication and emotional wellbeing.

Toddler and Junior Kindy Program

Exploring Curiosity and Independence

In our Toddler and Junior Kindy Programs, we celebrate the natural curiosity and growing independence of our young learners. Guided by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) principles, we create an environment that encourages activate exploration, language development and social interactions. Our curriculum is designed to stimulate cognitive growth, fine motor skills and foster a sense of belonging within a supportive community of peers and Educators.

Kindergarten and Pre Prep Program

Preparing for Lifelong Learning

Our Kindergarten and Pre Prep Program builds upon the foundations established in the earlier years, preparing children for a smooth transition to school.

Aligned with the EYLF and Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines, our program provides a holistic curriculum that prioritises language and literacy development, numeracy skills and critical thinking.

Through structured play, collaborative projects and meaningful experiences, we aim to nurture inquisitive minds, confident communicators and lifelong learners who will be ready for Prep.

Children in the Kindergarten and Pre Prep programs will also wear a compulsory uniform that is available to purchase from the IGS Clothing Store.