Our Philosophy statement encompasses our approach to our early learning framework and guides us in the delivery of our service.

At IGS Early Learners we value early childhood education as the foundation for lifelong learning. We offer a safe and secure environment that fosters a tranquil atmosphere, evident in our learning environments.

We uphold the belief that each child possesses distinct qualities, and we are committed to carefully observing, wholeheartedly appreciating, and thoughtfully nurturing them in a manner that mirrors their exceptional attributes.

Exceptional Performance

We are dedicated to inspiring ourselves, and the young learners in our care, to pursue remarkable achievements. We will create the enthusiasm and sense of purpose that are essential to delivering exceptional early learning experiences.

We understand that learning can happen every moment of every day and it is our job to “make the most of every moment”. We are aware that the early years of learning are a critical phase of exploration and building fundamental skills. In alignment with The Early Years Learning Framework and the Kindergarten Learning Guidelines, our early learning environment incorporates explicit teaching with effective scaffolding to nurture children’s holistic development. upported It’s an environment that will allow children to explore, take risk, practise and become successful, competent and capable learners. Our program will promote a child’s drive of curiosity towards the world around them, while encouraging and supporting a multicultural perspective and embedding Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.

Our dedication extends to upholding the core principles that underlie the National Law and National Regulations. We are dedicated to operating in accordance with the National Quality Standards, Establishing and fostering robust connections with families, valuing their perspectives and promoting their active participation, all the while consistently nurturing welcoming and transparent relationships.

We take pride in our aesthetically beautiful environments with our purpose of setting a foundation for lifelong learning. We believe routine is necessary to enhance children’s sense of security and wellbeing, allowing for spontaneity and flexibility. We believe in equity, inclusion and honouring diversity and advocate for children’s rights and dignity. We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the traditional owners of the land on which our centre is built.

IGS Early Learners has a commitment to continuous improvement and maintains a culture of ongoing reflection and self-review. Effective evaluation and self-review enables our service to continuously improve our policies, procedures and practices, which in turn enables the team to improve their practice, which contributes directly to improved learning outcomes for children.