IGS Early Learners operates in alignment with the Early Years Learning Framework (ELYF) for Australia.

This framework is often referred to as Belonging, Being and Becoming and guides early childhood educators in providing high-quality early learning education.

The framework has three main areas:


  • Emphasises the importance of relationships and belonging to a community.
  • Recognises that children feel a sense of belonging when they have positive relationships with their families, educators and peers.
  • Acknowledges the significance of cultural identity and inclusion, fostering a sense of security and connectedness


  • Focuses on the present and the individual child
  • Highlights the uniqueness of each child and the value of childhood in its own right
  • Encourages educators to facilitate experiences that allow children to be themselves, explore their interests, and engage in spontaneous and meaningful activities


  • Emphasises the process of development and learning
  • Recognises that early childhood is a critical time for shaping a child’s identity and future potential
  • Encourages educators to support children in their learning journey, fostering a sense of agency and actively engaging in experiences that contribute to their ongoing development.

Over all, the framework aims to promote holistic development by addressing the emotional, social, physical, and cognitive aspects of a child’s growth. It provides a foundation for early childhood  educators to create learning environments that are responsive to individual needs, culturally inclusive, and supportive of each child’s unique journey of belonging, being, and becoming.